How to Deposit on Betwinner Using PayTM?

How to deposit on Betwinner using Paytm? That is a common question that we get asked. Let us explain the exact process to you step by step. Read on.

How to deposit on Betwinner using Paytm?

  1. Open the Betwinner app on your phone
  2. Click on the hamburger symbol
  3. Click on the plus icon that will take you to the deposit options
  4. You now have to select the Paytm wallet option among the payment systems
  5. Once you click on this option, a window will open. Near the bottom of that window, you will finds a message that will share details of the Paytm wallet you have to make the payment to. You have to transfer the money as per the details before you request a transfer to your betting account.
  6. Note down that Paytm number and bank name
  7. Now go to the Paytm application and click on new payment.
  8. Transfer the amount you want to transfer to that number. Note down the order ID and take a screenshot of the transaction successful page.
  9. Go back to the Betwinner application and enter the details asked (Your Paytm Number, Wallet name, order ID, and screenshot)
  10. Click on Confirm. That is it. You transaction is successful!

Paytm is the most successful digital payment system in India. For a lot of people, that is the only way that they know how to digitally transfer their money or use a banking application. It is great to see that Betwinner has included this popular method to allow people an easy way to transfer money.

There are over 80 methods listed in Betwinner as ways to transfer money and so we are sure you will find one that works for you as well. If you want to learn more about Betwinner then you can do that as well on our website.