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How to Download Cricbuzz App?

Cricbuzz is one of the most popular cricket platforms in the world. It provides live updates, new stories, written and video editorial content, and a lot more every single day to millions of users. Cricbuzz made its name as a faster alternative to cricinfo and while we do not think it matches up in terms of the quality of content, there is no doubt that it is less demanding on your phone or tablet. How to download Cricbuzz app? That is very easy.

Read on.

How to download Cricbuzz app?

To download the Cricbuzz app, you just need to go to the App Store (if you are an Apple user) or the Play Store (if you are an Android user). Search for cricbuzz on the store and it should pop right up. Once you see it, click on the download button and the app will be installed on your phone.

We do find cricbuzz to be quite aggressive with the notifications on Android but that is the nature of the platform and you can always adjust that in the settings whenever you want. If you just want a cricket app that provides you exhaustive information about every cricket match that you can think of while being super fast then cricbuzz is the answer to your needs.

It has also roped in harsh Bhigle to head the editorial team ad that has made a big difference to the quality of the content that is producing nowadays.

How to download Cricbuzz app? You can even go to the cricbuzz website from your phone and just click on the ‘App' button at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the correct destination from which you can download the app on to your phone.

We think cricbuzz is an excellent website and an even better app. Check it out!