How to Make Money on IPL Betting?

How To Make Money On IPL Betting?

Everyone wants to make money and that is also the primary reason why people bet on the IPL. They want to make money. In India, the majority of the money is bet offline with questionable and often illegal elements of society. Thankfully, online betting websites (against whom there is no law) are very common in India now. How to make money on IPL betting? Start with making your account and then following some common-sense steps. Read on.

How to make money on IPL betting?

  • Make an account with a trustworthy online betting website
  • Deposit some money so that you can actually place a bet (No credit here)
  • Take guidance from experts and do your own research as well
  • Wait for the result to go your way and enjoy your winnings!

It is important to make your account with a good online betting website so that you can get the best odds (or bhav) for your bet. The better odds you get, the more return you get. Also, the sheer number of betting markets available online allows you to make smarter choices.

Things like multiple bets, accumulator bets, and system bets can help you win 10-50x your money!

However, not everything is easy. The IPL is difficult to predict and so you will get some things wrong. Even the best sports betting experts get their predictions wrong about 40-45% of the time. Go on websites like CricViz, search for online cricket betting tips, and actually watch the matches. All of this information will help you win.

Perhaps the biggest advantage that you have as an Indian is that you know the players. Global audiences will tune in and bet on the game but they will not have the same insights as you. Make use of that and learn more. All the talk of ‘sure bets', ‘Sure IPL winners', and ‘Match-Fixing tips' are scams. Ignore them.

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