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How to Remove Ads in Cricbuzz App?

As life limps back to normalcy, and we get back to our workplaces and offices, it might be difficult for us to watch over favorite cricket matches live. This is where the cricbuzz app comes in handy. Available for both Android as well as iOS devices, it gives us up-to-date scores of ongoing matches. The app is completely free, however, you will find advertisement banners on the app. How to remove ads in Cricbuzz app?

It is difficult but there are a few things that you can try.

How to remove ads in Cricbuzz app?

There is no `official´ way of removing ads from the cricbuzz app. The app is free to download for everyone and does not charge its users to show them the scores. In order to keep this viable, and earn money, the developers run ads on their website as well as app and get paid by the advertisers whenever a user taps on the ad. If the app allowed users to remove the ads, there would be no way with which the app developers would earn money.

One way of doing so would be to offer a `premium´ or paid version of the app, where the users would be able to pay money to download the app and avoid seeing the ads. But such a version of the app is not yet available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Third-party apps

How to remove ads in Cricbuzz app? You can download certain third-party apps like Adblock Plus. However, they are more effective in blocking ads on websites rather than apps. Downloading unknown apps may put your phone or device at risk. Therefore it is not advisable to download them. There are also many `mod apk’s´ available on the internet claiming to give an ad-free cricbuzz experience. Again, downloading such apps may damage your phone.


Ads are a necessary evil that helps you enjoy free services of apps like cricbuzz. The best way is to ignore them and concentrate on the cricketing action.

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