How to Win in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting is very popular in India and everywhere else around the world where cricket is played. The sport is such that is thrown up many opportunities to bet on one or more of the many aspects of the game. While it is easy enough to learn how to bet on cricket, not everyone ends up winning. How to win in cricket betting? Read the tips and tricks that we have collected over the years.

How to win in cricket betting?

We are assuming that you already have a betting account with one of the leading cricket betting websites like 10Cric or Betway. Once you ready to beat, follow these rules:

  • Bet on the teams you know. There are always going to be cricket matches being played but resist the temptation to bet on teams that you do not know. Do your research so that you can follow the matches and bet with the flow of the game.
  • You can bet pre-match but live in-play betting is perhaps the best place to actually win. A lot of things can change from one match to the other and so always keep some money ready to bet during the match. There are many opportunities that will come up.
  • Do your research. Read about the match you want to bet on beforehand. Try to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of each team, the conditions that the match is being played in, recent form, and the past record. All of these have an impact when you are trying to bet on what is going to happen.
  • Have enough money to bet. The best bettors will win just about 50% of their bets. The trick is to maximize your bets once you do find a winning opportunity. If you are going to bow out after one loss then you dont have enough money to bet with.

Good luck!