How to Win in IPL Betting?

Perhaps, the beauty of the IPL is in its unpredictability. All the teams have so much world-class talent at their disposal that anyone could win on a given day. Yest, we see some people walk away with lakhs of money while others struggle to break even. Is there a secret formula of how to win in IPL betting? What do you need to know? Read on.

How to win in IPL betting?

We are assuming that you already have a betting account with a good online betting site because that is where you will get the best odds and the most attractive betting markets. After that, use the following points to give yourself a winning chance:

  • Bet on markets that have just two outcomes. For example, when you win on a match winner, one out of two events can happen. That gives you a close to 50% chance of winning. It may not have the best odds but it is something that you can win at over the long duration.
  • Study the teams. You should always bet on something that you know and so make sure you know as much as possible about the match you are betting on. Check average scores, recent form, head to head matchups, injuries, team changes, and anything else you can din. It will make a difference.
  • Use in-play betting. This something that we cannot advocate enough. It is easier to understand the flow of the match while you are watching and so are able to make better decisions. You can also hedge as the odds change during the match.

You may be thinking that these tips are simple common sense and you would be right. The key to winning at sportsbetting is to keep things simple. The betting sites want you to try for the astronomical odds because that is where they make most of their money. Play smart and have fun.