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Is Dafabet Down?

Is Dafabet India down? Websites go down because of site maintenance or server issues. Some sites won't load because of other reasons as well. Some bettors ask, “Is Dafabet working in India?” or “Is Dafabet down? We wanted to give the correct information on what's happening in the backend.

Coming to Dafa Sports, the bookie won't load only when there is maintenance and that too for a couple of hours. If the site is not loading for you, please check your mobile connection or find out if there are any Dafabet login issues with your account.

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Recently, the Government of India has blocked access to online betting sites through mobile networks. So, mobile networks like Jio, Vodafone, and Airtel have already restricted access to some of India's online betting sites.

Until further notice, the betting sites can be reached only through wifi connections. Mind you, through wifi connection; you can still access the betting apps, browsers and web apps. So you can safely bet, make payments and enjoy the Dafabet betting like always.

Is Dafabet banned in India?

It is doubtful that the betting sites in India will go offline for a significant time. What usually happens is a minor Dafabet server outage or an error in establishing a connection with your computer. Just refresh the page and see if it happens again. If you continue to face a problem, then:

  • Make sure your internet connection is stable
  • Check whether your ISP has any filters to block betting sites active. This may happen at a workplace connection or in countries where internet censorship is rampant.
  • Try and access another website so that you can make sure that your internet connection is active.
  • Wait for about 15 to 20 minutes and refresh the page.
  • Check your browser settings.
  • In addition, make sure there are no parental controls active on the computer you are using.

These are the most common ways to get rid of the problem. However, some users may also have forgotten their usernames or password. If that is the case, you will have to reset it to get access to your Dafabet account. Find out how you can do that right here.

Alternate betting site: Ditobet

Ditobet is one of the new-age bookmakers in India; the bookie is known for its sportsbook. The bookie offers new customers a welcome bonus.

The welcome bonus offer is exclusively available for sportsbook bettors only. Currently, the ditobet app is unavailable. Although the bookie offers all payment methods for Indian bettors, AstroPay and Neteller are their most common payment methods.

Check this dafabet alternative site, the ditobet online:

Why Dafabet is not opening in India?

The reason for Dafabet not opening in India is because of your mobile network connection. The Government of India has banned some online betting sites through mobile networks. So, Jio and Vodafone have banned online betting through their networks.

Players can now bet through their wifi connection only and cannot use mobile data. With wifi connection, you can still bet on any betting site. As long as the wifi connection is available, you can also bet on their app version.

Why Dafabet is not working?

Dafabet should work fine in India and is one of the best betting sites in the market. There are thousands of customers, and to reach their expectations, the bookmaker keeps coming up with new updates.

Make sure to reload once and try; it should work now. If the issue persists, contact customer care to ensure your account does not have any login issues.

Dafabet is not opening in chrome?

Dafabet opens in all browser versions, and the bookie is compatible with all browsers. You need to either refresh your browser or clear your cache. Do the reload now, and it should work fine.

If there is still an issue, it's mostly the Dafabet maintenance issue. Before confirming that, ensure you are not connected to any mobile wifi connections. Since some mobile networks banned online gambling sites.

Our Word: Is Dafabet down in India?

The Dafabet is working fine, and the bookie services are online. The bookie is available for Indian bettors through browser and app versions. Dafabet uses the best security protocols, so your money will always be safe.

For issues related to the Dafabet login, contact customer care through Call, E-mail or Live ch. We suggest you contact the bookie through the call option to get an instant solution.

If you feel that Dafabet is not working in India or that Dafabet is down, check your internet connection first. Make sure you are not connected through the networks we mentioned earlier and choose wifi connection. The Dafabet will be back live in no time; enjoy some good betting experience.

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