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Is Matka Legal in Goa?

Goa was the first state in India to legalize casinos within its boundaries. The move had brought cheers among the gambling community in India, who had to rely on illegal gambling dens or had to go to foreign locations to get their gambling fix. Also, Goa is one of the 13 states in India to have state-sponsored lotteries. So are other forms of lotteries and betting legal too? Is Matka legal in Goa?

We have the answer.

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Is Matka legal in Goa?

No, Matka is not legal in Goa or any other state in the country for that matter.

Matka is a crude form of a lottery, where participants have to buy tickets to enter the contest. During the draw, numbers are drawn from a `Matka´ or an earthen pot. If you are lucky enough to have the winning numbers, you stand to win a prize.

Although illegal, Matka is quite popular in Goa and other parts of India. The sales of tickets and the draws are controlled by local gangs, and the operations are not transparent at all. The money generated by ticket sales, which is always in cash, can be used to fund illegal activities. There have been several instances of violent fallouts too, due to Matka.

In spite of various efforts on the part of law enforcement, they have been unable to curb this menace.

Is Matka legal in Goa? There have been calls to legalize Matka in Goa, with most recently, the Calangute MLA voicing his support for legalization. According to data, about 20,000 people in Goa are currently associated with Matka operations. Legalizing Matka will bring it under regulation, and help conduct the draws in a transparent manner.

Also, ticket sales can be brought under the ambit of taxation, which can help boost up the state revenues, and the money thus collected can be used for developing infrastructure. Till then enjoy casino games of all kinds at other reputed and safe online casinos like 188Bet.

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