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Online betting and casinos have become remarkably popular in India over the last few years. The top betting sites in India are big names from around the world that understand there is a goldmine of potential players to be won!

Betting and casino games have always been a part of Indian culture and so it is somewhat remarkable that the country remains stuck to archaic laws from another era. The Public Gambling Act of 1867 was formulated by the British and is still the basis for which gambling remains illegal inside the country.

There are a few exceptions of course, and that includes Horse Racing, Rummy, and Fantasy sports like Dream11. Lotteries are also legal in almost half the states while casinos are now allowed in three states.

This is not even close to satisfying the demand for quality casinos and the reason why online casinos are thriving in India. Interestingly, online casinos and betting websites are not illegal in India because they have not been listed in the Public Gambling Act. That is largely because neither online casinos nor the internet existed in 1867 and so the law makes no mention of them!

This gray area is what the top betting sites in India make use of to offer their services to players.


Top Betting sites in India For Indian Players


Best Betting Sites in India

There are some things that we found all these websites have and they include:

Betting sites
  • Easy banking methods for deposit and withdrawal of money
  • Local casino games that are popular in India being offered
  • Giving cricket the maximum possible attention
  • Establishing trust in the brand name through transparency
  • Bonuses and promotions that offer real value

The competition for players is tough in India. The pool of players that bet online is still relatively small as most of the players end up betting offline. The ones that do bet often bet for smaller amounts than many other parts of the world and so getting a large number of players on your platform is a must to be successful.  

Lastly, players are slow to change from what they already know and the world so a new entrant can have difficulty breaking in.

The quality of online betting sites and casino operators in India is increasing and this is why the above list can now be seen as table stakes.

The most preferred banking methods for Indians include e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill or pre-paid cards as AstroPay. It is essential to have these on your platform. Now, with the popularity of UPI soaring, we think it is just a matter of time before it becomes the banking method of choice.

All of the best betting sites in India already offer UPI as a payment option and everyone else will have to follow too.

We also find that games like Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Jhandi Munda which may not mean anything to a global audience finds huge takers in India. Every successful online casino and betting site in India has successfully taken these local games and offered them on their world-class platforms.

Seeing these games on the platform makes them immediately โ€˜Indianโ€™ no matter what their origin or global culture may be. That is very important to Indian players and helps build trust.

Finally, everyone likes a bonus or a promotion, and that especially true for Indian players. A good deal or a promotion is a sure-fire way to add a large number of new players to your site. The top betting sites in India are all known for their promotions that keep them interesting to new players and keep the old players coming back for more.

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