What is Back and Lay in Cricket Betting?

Sports online betting is popular around the world no matter what the laws officially say. People have always found a way to put money on the outcome of the sports that they love and they will continue to do so. Betting has its own jargon and that can be sometimes a bit difficult to understand. For example, What is back and lay in cricket betting? This may not be immediately obvious to someone who is not a part of this world but once you read the explanation, it will seem quite obvious.

What is back and lay in cricket betting?

There are two ways to be on cricket, offline and online. You have a lot many more options and access to betting markets when you bet online apart from the obvious benefit of it being legal in India. The current law in India is such that it makes no mention of online betting at all. This is a massive loophole that allows people to bet online on cricket without worrying about being persecuted for it.

Now, coming to the question. A ‘back' bet is to bet on something to happen while a ‘lay' bet is to bet against a certain event. Let us take a simple example. 1xbet India is offering a betting market on Virat Kohli to hit a century in this next match. You can back this if you think Kohli is going to hit a century or you can lay it if you think he will not. The odds are going to be different for both events, of course.

Now, not every betting sites in India offers you the chance to lay bets. The most common place you will find this is at betting exchanges like Betfair or 1xbet.

What is back and lay in cricket betting? It is just a way of saying whether you are betting on even to happen or to not happen.