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What Is Race to 10 Runs in Bet365?

Bet365 covers cricket very closely as that is one of the major sports in the UK and around the world. India, in particular, is a cricket-crazy country that is always looking for new betting markets in cricket. Bet365 offers a number of such bets that people can enjoy including Race to 10 Runs, Match Handicap, Total Runs in match, etc. So, what is race to 10 runs in Bet365? Let's find out.

What is race to 10 runs in Bet365?

Bet365 offer this kind of bet in ODI's and T20 matches. The bet is very easy to understand and so very popular among the punters. All you have to do is to predict which opening batsman will reach 10 first. You can even choose neither if you think both batsmen will get out before 10.

  • Bet does not change whichever batsman takes strike
  • If both batsmen get out before 10, then ‘Neither' is the winner
  • If rain or other interruption prevents both batsmen from reaching ten then the bet is void.

How to win Race to 10 Runs?

This is a good bet to stake your money on because it settles early and does offer some good value. Usually, the pitches are very flat in ODI matches, especially in England, India, and Australia. It is highly unlikely that both opening batsmen will fail to get past 10 and so avoid picking ‘Neither' in such a situation.

Try and figure out which batsman is going to take strike, which bowler will start, and the situation of the match. For example, Rohit Sharma always takes first strike when India is batting. He is, however, a much slower starter than Shikhar Dhawan in general. Placing this bet during the second inning is also a better idea because you will have an idea of how the pitch is playing as well what the target is.

Start with small amounts until you get the hang of it. Good luck!