What Is W1 and W2 in 1xbet Cricket?

What is w1 and w2 in 1xbet cricket?

In India, among all other sports, punters bet most heavily on cricket matches. All major online sportsbooks, including 1xbet, offer a number of cricket betting markets. When you go to bet on 1xbet, you might have seen the letters w1 and w2 beneath the teams. What is w1 and w2 in 1xbet cricket?

It is quite simple really. Read on.

What is w1 and w2 in 1xbet cricket?

W1 and w2 are used to make bets on who you think will win an ongoing or upcoming match. In limited over games like the T20 or ODIs, you will typically see w1 written under one team and w2 under the other. You can either bet on w1 to win or w2 to win, and there is usually no third outcome.

In test match cricket, you are likely to find a third option in addition to w1 and w2, denoted by `X´. This `X´ denotes a draw. So you can bet on team w1 to win or team w2, or you can bet on `X´, meaning that you are predicting a draw.

About 1xbet

1xbet started its journey as a brick-and-mortar betting shop and has since then expanded to online betting and gambling, by launching the site in 2007. The site is headquartered in Cyprus and holds an international gaming license from the Curacao eGaming Authority.

One of the biggest drawing points of 1xbet is the huge number of events it offers to bet on, about 1,000 each day. The site also offers more than 30 different betting markets, including handicaps and over/under betting.

The site has a special focus on India, allowing the Indian players to bet with Indian Rupees, and processes deposit and withdrawal requests via popular Indian modes, like UPI and bank transfers. It also accepts deposits via e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill, as well as for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins.

What is w1 and w2 in 1xbet cricket? Now you know!

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