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Are There Any Benefits to Gambling?

Gambling has always been viewed in a somewhat negative light. Many a time, it has been associated with illegality and addiction. But in spite of that, millions of people visit online casinos like bet365 each year. So what is it that draws people to gambling? Is it all bad, or are there any benefits to gambling?

We think this issue is more nuanced than is often made out to be.

Are there any benefits to gambling?


It has been scientifically proved that gambling stimulates the release of dopamine, which is a hormone and a neurotransmitter, from the brain. Dopamine is responsible for giving us a sense of well being and pleasure.

Monetary benefits

Of course, the ultimate goal of each individual who gambles is to make some money. If you are good at gambling, you have a good chance of winning a few bucks at your favorite games. While in most cases it will not be a primary source of income, who wouldn’t like to have some extra cash on hand.

Improving hand-eye coordination and skills

Games like poker and blackjack require you to do a lot of thinking and form strategies. It requires you to remember the cards which are dealt, and figure out the probable hand of your opponents or the dealer. All these activities keep your mind occupied, and sharpens your memory and responses.


Gambling can be a great way of socializing. In case of visiting a casino, gives you a chance to meet new people, and forge new friendships over a game of cards. In countries like India, family, and friends get together at times of festivals to enjoy a few games of gambling, giving them an opportunity to escape the routine life, and share good moments with their loved ones.


Are there any benefits to gambling? While the ill effects of gambling have always been highlighted, there are some real benefits of gambling too. But these are only visible when gambling is done in moderation. The moment gambling becomes an addiction, things can go rapidly downhill.