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Can I Play Online Lottery from Telangana?

Telangana has not legalized gambling and it continues to crack down on all sorts of online gaming with aggressive laws aimed to target fantasy sports.

It does, however, allow horse racing and state-run lotteries to be conducted legally. The logic is hard to explain because there is just no way to do so but it is what it is. Can I play online lottery from Telangana? Find out more about that right here.

Can I play online lottery from Telangana?

Online lottery is not allowed to be played from Telangana. In fact, forget the lottery, you can be fined or put in jail even if you play Dream11, MPL, or any other fantasy sports app. The same is true for children's games like ludo, Fortnite, counter-strike, or tambola!

That is right! All of these are banned thanks to a new gaming law that essentially makes it illegal for any resident of  Andhra Pradesh to play any kind of game online that involves the exchange of money. This law does not distinguish between games of chance and games of skill as the Supreme Court of India has decreed since games of skill do not come under gambling laws, in general.

The idea behind this law is being sold to the public as protecting the youth from corruption and addiction. In reality, we think it is just a way for the state to take out the competition so that people do not start playing well-regulated and fair online games instead of wasting their money at state-run lotteries that have terrible odds of coming through.

Can I play online lottery from Telangana? You cannot and with the current repressive atmosphere in the state, we don't think that is going to change any time soon. The law is difficult to enforce but it is an effective deterrent.

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