How Do I Make a Deposit for Online Betting in India?

The number one thing that bettors in India are worried about is figuring out the banking part of playing online. They are not sure how to deposit money and are worried about getting their money if they do happen to win. How do I make a deposit for online betting in India? Thankfully, there are some very easy to use options now.

How do I make a deposit for online betting in India?

The best two options for a bettor would be to use UPI or Neteller.

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is the backbone of all payment apps in India. It is a direct bank-to-bank transfer that is settled in real-time. The advantage of using this method is that millions of people already have a UPI app on their phones and know how to use it.

They just need to enter the UPI address on their apps and send the money. It will be reflected in their betting account within 45 minutes on most occasions. The only issue while using the UPI method is that you have to use a bank transfer to request a withdrawal and that can sometimes take a bit of time.

Neteller, on the other hand, requires a bit more work upfront. you have to make a new account and verify it, and then link it with your betting account. After that, though, you are going to be able to deposit and withdraw money from your favorite betting website or online casino in the quickest way possible.

Using Neteller also adds another layer of privacy and protection that can be quite important for some people. How do I make a deposit for online betting in India? There are a number of ways that you can use but we do think that UPI and Neteller are the two best ways at your disposal right now.