How Do We Play Tambola?

Tambola is a very popular game in India. It is played by people of all ages and is simple enough to learn in a matter of a few minutes. How do we play Tambola? You really don't have much to learn but let us explain the general rules around the game to you.

How do we play Tambola?

To play Tambola, you first need a ticket. You can buy one or more tickets depending on the specific rules set by the organizers/website. On your ticket, you will find random numbers written on it. They are in ascending order from left to right.

Once the game starts, the organizers or the website will call out numbers. Check these numbers for those on your ticket. Keep marking them as your numbers get called out. There are different prizes available for people that are the first to mark or cut their numbers on the ticket.

That is it!

There are some popular Tambola prizes to play for:

Four Corners – The first person to get all the four numbers on the corners of their ticket wins

Jaldi Five – The first person with five numbers cut wins this prize

Lines – There are usually three different prizes (top line, centerline, and bottom line) to play for. You have to be the first to get all the numbers in one line to be able to claim the prize.

House – All the numbers on one ticket need to be marked to be able to claim for this prize. This is the one where the prize money is usually the biggest.

How do we play Tambola? We think you should just start playing and will learn in the first game itself. You can play this in the real world with friends or at country clubs or online at websites like 10cric.