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How Many Casinos are There in Sikkim?

Sikkim is a relatively small and sparsely populated north-eastern state in India. It is known for having some of the world's most spectacular biodiversity and natural sights to enjoy but it is also become known for a very vibrant casino culture. Casinos are legal in Sikkim and this is why there are several that have sprung up in and around the capital city. How many casinos are there in Sikkim? There are several great casinos that tourists can visit while there are plenty of five-star hotels as well that offer you the chance to play some of your favorite casino games.

How many casinos are there in Sikkim?

We would count Casino Mahjong, Casino Sikkim, and Casino Deltin Denzong as being the three best out and out casinos in Sikkim. The number goes dramatically upward if you start including the slots, video poker, and other casino gaming machines that are present in five-star hotels as well.

Sikkim is very progressive in its attitude towards gambling. We think it has taken this approach to try and boost its natural assets and help give its tourism industry some support as well. Now, with plenty of world-class casinos in the state as well, the number of tourists to the state has gone up dramatically.

It is not just about the tourists, though, the tax collection from the casinos has been a massive aid to the Sikkim government in trying to create good architecture in the state. We think this is an approach that can be replicated in several other states in India down the line.

How many casinos are there in Sikkim? There are enough to keep everyone happy and definitely enough for you to spend a lot of time having an insane amount of fun! You may very well end up leaving Sikkim with more money than you came with!