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How to Bet on Handball?

Each year, Indians spend millions of dollars on sports betting, but a major chunk of that amount is spent on betting on cricket. But now, with easy access to online betting sites such as Betwinner, Indians can bet on a huge number of sports, including the ones that aren’t too well known among the punters. One such game is handball. How to bet on handball?

Let’s try to understand the basics of the sport.

How to bet on handball?

Betting on handball is similar to sports like ice hockey, football, or basketball, and there are a number of betting markets to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include

Match bets and outright winners

For match bets, the punters need to predict the winner of a particular game or match, while in the case of outright winners, one needs to predict the winner of a tournament, World Cup, or League.


This is another popular betting market, where one can bet on the number of goals scored by a particular team or both the teams combined. Over/Under bets can be placed on the scores at half-time or at full time.

Spread bets and Handicap bets

How to bet on handball? Spread bets give a better return, and are often termed as value bets. Rather than predicting a simple win or loss, one can bet on the margin of victory, and gain higher returns. Similarly, handicap bets are popular when a particularly strong team takes on underdogs. They are provided handicaps at the start of the game to provide an even playing field for the punters.

Why is handball betting popular?

Handball is a fast game, which makes it ideal for live betting, and the odds can fluctuate quickly, providing the punters great chances to make quick bucks. Some of the most popular tournaments for handball betting are World Handball Championships, the Olympics, German Bundesliga, and Spanish Liga ASOBAL.

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