How to Send Emoji in Ludo King?

Ludo King is the most popular version of Ludo right now in India. This game, which is a staple in all households of India, has been taken into the modern age by Ludo King and other such apps. It is also a social app that allows people to connect with each other from all parts of the world. How to send emoji in Ludo King?

We know that emojis form a vital part of communication and so it is no surprise that Ludo King has that feature included in its app.

How to send emoji in Ludo King?

The feature to be able to send emojis is only available when you are playing offline. After all, you are not going to be sending emojis to your computer opponent! Irrespective, to be able to send emojis, you need to start a game with another player online.

You will find a square gift box over the picture of your opponent which contains a number of different emojis. You can use that to send any included emoji during the game. It serves as a quick way to add some conversation into the game without slowing up the pace of the game.

We really like the fact that the gameplay moves at a quick pace during Ludo King since there is a time that starts running down after every move. If for some reason one player gets disconnected or gets busy doing something else, the computer steps in and rolls the dice to keep the game moving.

This is something that ‘Words with friends' and other apps lacked.

How to send emoji in Ludo King? Now you know that sending emojis is very easy in Ludo King and all you need to do is to be able to just click on the gift box and then select the emoji you want to send. Easy!

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