Is Cricinfo Down?

Is Cricinfo down?

In our hectic life, we often rely on portals like cricinfo to keep ourselves updated with the latest scores of cricket matches. But sometimes it may so happen that the website wouldn’t load, the score wouldn’t refresh, or the app doesn’t respond. We might be left thinking ‘Is Cricinfo down?' So what could be the reasons and how to get around them?

Is Cricinfo down?

There could be multiple reasons why you cannot load the site, or the app fails to respond. One obvious but very rare reason could be that the cricinfo servers could actually be down due to some technical reasons. Usually, the cricinfo team works on it quickly and it should be up and running in some time. You can try visiting the site again after a while. You can also try opening the site after clearing your browser and DNS cache.

A reason for not being able to open the site is that access to the site could be blocked. This could be a common reason at your workplace as companies tend to block such websites to allow employees better concentrate on work. You can try using a proxy server or a VPN like NordVPN on such occasions, which will help you mask your IP address and allow access.

Is Cricinfo down? A common reason for the app to not respond is that you might be using an outdated version of the app. Cricinfo regularly updates its app to improve user experience and add features, and over a period of time stops supporting the older version. Check your App Store or Play Store for the latest update.

Sometimes, plug-ins like ad blockers may also inadvertently block access to some sites. Try to access again after disabling such plug-ins. The same would be applicable to certain anti-virus software or a firewall.


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