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Is Cricket Betting Legal in USA?

Betting is legal in a few states but betting online is not all that straightforward. Every state has its own laws around gambling and most of them have put a ban on it. There is no single federal law that allows online gambling specifically. Is cricket betting legal in USA? Sports betting is tough to carry out online. There are people that do it but the legality of it is questionable at best.

Let us take a more detailed look at it.

Is cricket betting legal in USA?

Cricket betting is very popular around the world and the USA is no different. The USA is home to a huge population of Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis, and other people of Asian origin that follow cricket very closely. They would love to bet online on cricket as they enjoy their favorite sport.

From what we can understand, the laws make it difficult to open and operate a sports betting website in the US and so most of the sites are based outside the country. This is to escape US jurisdiction. There are laws that prevent US players from opening a betting account online or from transferring any money from such websites.

These are the ones that make the process of online betting very difficult in the US.  A state like New Jersey has made it legal to gamble online but sports betting remains banned in the country.

Is cricket betting legal in USA? It is not technically legal although the laws are not enforced very strictly against people. These laws are meant to discourage companies from opening shop in the USA and that is what they have been able to achieve.

If you do want to go ahead and place some bets on cricket, then websites like Betway or 1xBet happily accept customers from the USA.

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