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Is Gambling Good or Not?

Is gambling good or not? This is a subjective question and a lot of people have very strong feelings about it. We think there are people that are afraid of the excesses of gambling and so are worried about it. Let us try to think about this question with an open mind.

Is gambling good or not?

We think gambling is harmless as long as you are in control of what you are doing. This means that you only bet the amount of money that you are ready to lose and do not go overboard. Also, you must actually understand what you are doing. Do not start gambling thinking you are going to win every single time because that is not going to happen.

Think about it. There are massive casinos all over the world that are built on booking profits and so they do not just give away money!

India has a strange relationship with gambling. It is illegal in the country yet forms an integral part of the customs around some of the biggest festivals celebrated in the country. Diwali, Holi, and Janamashtmi are festivals where the people get together and celebrate by gambling and playing card games with each other. Even young children partake in this.

Betting on sports like cricket is also very popular in India. Is gambling good or not? We don’t think it is bad. Anything that is done in excess can be bad. If you eat fast-food once in a while, you are going to be fine but if you eat it every single then you will start to develop serious problems.

In a lot of ways, gambling is like anything else. It is fun but must be done within limits. Are there people that go overboard? Of course, there are! But are there millions that play and enjoy in a harmless manner? Yes, again! Make your choice carefully.