Is Lottery Legal in Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is one of the southern states of India. It is known for many things including some beautiful places to visit, fantastic food to eat, and the origin of some of the oldest religious texts in the world. Unfortunately, a state that was known for being progressive has decided to take a backward stance on gaming options for people that come under its jurisdiction. Is lottery legal in Tamil Nadu? As things currently stand, lotteries are not legal in Tamil Nadu.

Is lottery legal in Tamil Nadu?

A Supreme Court Judgment in 2015 essentially handed the decision of making gambling legal or illegal to the states. This is why India has 13 states where lotteries are legal and held regularly while the other parts of India continue to frown upon them.

Tamil Nadu is one of the states that has gone further than just banning lotteries or other casino games. It has put in place a law that makes it illegal to play any kind of game where the exchange of money is involved. That means even games of skill, as defined by the Supreme Court of India, are not allowed in Tamil Nadu.

This is why Dream11, Rummycircle, and other popular gaming apps cannot offer their paid contests to people from Tamil Nadu. There are a few other states like Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, and Nagaland that have taken a similar view on things.

Is lottery legal in Tamil Nadu? While the law does not make any website or app illegal, it does put in place a structure where anyone caught playing a game online with money involved can be fined or even put behind bars. this includes playing games like Tambola, Ludo, or Counter-Strike as well!

We don't think this is the right direction for the state to go and it sets a dangerous precedent by disregarding the rulings of the Supreme Court of India.