Is Sati Legal in India?


Sati is the practice of burning a wife alive on top of the funeral pyre of her husband. It was prevalent in India during the 18th and 19th centuries with the most incidents being seen in the elite Rajput households of Western India. Is Sati legal in India? No, it is not and it has been banned for a while now.

Is Sati legal in India?

The British continued to tolerate the practice of Sati for a while after they took control of India but the rise of incidences eventually forced them to act. The actual banning of Sati as a practice is considered to be implemented by the Mughal Rulers in the 19th century but it did not have much effect.

It is sad to say that there were a few instances of Sati reported even in the 20th century which is when the Indian government implemented a law that made aiding, abetting, or encouraging Sati in any manner a criminal offense.

Crimes against women are not something that just happened in India, though. Europe and North America had their witch hunts, voting as a right for women is too recent a privilege to believe, and it is only in the past year that women are allowed to go in public unescorted in Saudi Arabia.

Clearly, the world has a lot to learn and improve regarding its treatment of women.

Is Sati legal in India? Sati is a part of India's sordid past where sections of society were pressed by others. Women by men, lower castes by upper castes, fights between religions, and more were common. Thankfully, modern India is nothing like this, and even the mention of such things invokes a strong response from all sections of society.

India is a vibrant and modern nation now in most ways and on the right path for sure.



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