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How to Bet the Spread in Basketball?

In the older times, betting on sports meant just predicting the winner or the loser of a game. But now, the art of betting has evo…

Basketball Line Betting Explained Easy

Basketball is one of the favorite sports for punters to bet on, as in addition to match bets, it offers a huge number of side-bett…

What Is a Spread Bet in Basketball?

Betting on sports is probably as old as sports itself. There are records of spectators betting on the ancient Greek Olympics as we…

How to Bet on College Basketball?

College basketball is extremely popular in the USA and it has started to become quite popular in other parts of the world as well.…

How to Bet on Horse Racing Online in India?

Betting on horse racing is one of the only legal ways to gamble in India. Yes, that's right! Betting on horses is considered to be…

How to Bet on UFC Fights in India?

There is something about the entire spectacle of UFC that makes it incredibly entertaining and impossible to ignore. UFC or the Ul…

Do We Have Legal Cricket Betting Apps in India?

Cricket betting is a huge business in India and it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of crores change hands every time there…

Which Is the Best Cricket Betting App in India?

India is a mobile-first country where millions of people only access the internet through their mobile devices. For them, the mobi…

Where to Bet on Cricket?

India is a cricket-crazy nation and there is no shortage of people that are passionate fans. They love placing their money on thei…

What is Odd and Even in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting is quite different from most other sports because of the sheer number of variables that are involved. Every single…

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