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What is Loss Cut in Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is a very fun thing to do and millions of people around the world bet on every single cricket match that you co…

What is Limit in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting is quite simple and very fun to take part in. That is perhaps the reason why some people can get carried away and …

What is Bhav in Cricket Betting?

Betting on cricket is extremely popular in India. The majority of this betting takes place offline where bookies give you a rate f…

What is Back and Lay in Cricket Betting?

Sports betting is popular around the world no matter what the laws officially say. People have always found a way to put money on …

Is Cricket Betting Legal in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a relatively small country with an economy that is very heavily dependent on tourism. This is why the country has all…

Is Cricket Betting Legal in Dubai?

Cricket is a global sport that is dominated by the countries of the Indian sub-continent. This means India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, B…

Is Cricket Betting Legal in Australia?

Australia is a nation that is obsessed with sports. In fact, it is one of the most successful sports-playing nations on earth when…

Is Cricket Betting Illegal in India?

Cricket betting is a huge business in India. Is cricket betting illegal in India? Most of the betting is done offline with bookies…

How to Win in Cricket Betting in Hindi?

In India, cricket is often considered akin to a religion. Millions of fans across the country follow the matches closely, especial…

How to Set Book in Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting terminologies may often seem difficult to understand and confusing, especially if you are a newcomer to the world …

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