Explanation on Moneyline in Baseball Betting

Betting terminologies used for sports like baseball, which is predominantly played in the USA, can often be a bit confusing for punters from countries like India, who are more used to betting on sports like cricket and football and use decimals or fractions as a preferred way for displaying odds. Therefore, they may not be used to terms like moneyline. What does moneyline mean in baseball betting? It is actually quite easy to understand.

Let’s find out.

Info on Moneyline in baseball betting

Moneyline betting simply means predicting who the winner of a game of baseball will be. Same as a `back´ bet that is placed on online sportsbooks or brick and mortar bookies, the punters place wagers on who they think will win the match. This type of bet is available on every single bookmaker like Betway or Betwinner.

How are moneyline odds displayed?

The way in which moneyline odds are shown differs from the decimals or fractions that European or Asian punters are used to.

Each game of baseball has a favorite team and an underdog. While displaying moneyline odds, the favorite team is denoted by a (-) sign before their odds, while the underdog is denoted by a (+) sign. For example, in an MLB game between San Diego Padres and the Tampa Bay Red Devils, the Padres start as the favorites to win, so their odds may look like Padres (-136) and the Red Devils (+120).

How to calculate returns in moneyline

In the above example, in order to win ₹100 while backing the Padres, a punter needs to wager ₹136, while those who bet ₹100 on a Red Devils victory, would win ₹120 if the Red Devils do end up winning the game.

Difference from Run Line

What does moneyline mean in baseball betting? A moneyline bet differs from Run Line bets, as in a Run Line, one needs to predict if a team will beat the opposition with a specific margin. All that counts is a simple win or loss for settling the bets.