What Happens if You Win with a Free Bet?

Online bookmakers have a huge range of promotional offers to lure in new players, as well as to keep the existing players betting on the site. The promotions may range from a welcome bonus on your first deposit, to free bets for new as well as existing players. While the concept of free bets may sound too good to be true, many bookmakers do offer them. What happens if you win with a free bet? is there a catch that you should know about?

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What happens if you win with a free bet?

Most free bets come with a play-through or wagering requirement, meaning that you will need to place a certain number of, or a certain value of additional bets before you can withdraw the winnings of a free bet. This clause is essentially put so that you will need to put in additional money in order to use the free bet.

In case you place a bet with your won money, if you win, you are entitled to receive your initial stake, as well as the amount you win. But in the case of free bets, the stake is not refunded to you, and you only get to keep the winnings.

How to make money using free bets?

Free bets provide you an opportunity to maximize your winnings, even though they have certain conditions attached to their use. One way of doing so is by hedging your bets. You can use choose one team to win a particular event, and then you can use the free bet to bet on the opposing team to win, so that you stand a chance to win, irrespective of which team wins.

You can also do matched betting by using your free bet to place a wager on a particular outcome to occur during the course of a match, and then use a betting exchange to place a bet for the same outcome to ` not´ occur, guaranteeing you a win.

What happens if you win with a free bet? You do get your money eventually but always keep in mind that casinos are not in the business of handing out money!