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What is Over and Under in Bet365?

Bet365 offers a number of betting markets that can be used to bet on cricket or any other sport that you like. One of the most popular ones is the over-under betting market. What is over and under in Bet365? That is quite easy to understand. Just read this simple explanation.

What is over and under in Bet365?

The over-under market is a betting market with two choices. For example, there is a cricket match going on between India and England. You may see a betting market where the number of runs that Virat Kohli will score is under question. The options may be something like this:

Virat Kohli Total Runs: Over 45 (1.83), Under 45 (1.83)

This means that you should bet ‘Over' if you think Virat Kohli is going to score more than 45 runs or ‘Under' if you think he is going to get out before that. Now, while the options are just two, the odds of you winning are 50% but that is not the rate you will get. Bet365 or any other sports betting website is going to keep its own margin and that is why the rate is never the same as the odds.

What is over and under in Bet365? This same style of betting can be used for any other sport as well. In football, you can bet on the total number of goals that will be scored, the total number of fouls, or just about anything else. The sky is really the limit when it comes to bets like these.

People love the over-under bets because they are easy to understand. You just have one decision to make and that is it. It is simple, fast, and you can have a pretty good success rate with a bit of luck and some research thrown behind it.

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