What is Player Performance in Betway Cricket?

what is player performance in betway cricket

Betway has a huge number of betting markets when it comes to cricket, be it pre-match bets like match-winners, or live betting markets. One of the favorites of the punters in recent times is player performance. What is player performance in Betway cricket? Let’s find out.

What is player performance in Betway cricket?

Player performance is a way of betting on betway, on a player who you think will contribute most towards his or her team, in terms of runs, wickets, catches, or stumpings. Each on-field action is awarded points, similar to what you see in fantasy cricket, and the player who has the maximum points at the end of the game becomes the top performer. The points are awarded as under

  • Each run scored gets 1 point
  • Each wicket taken gets 20 points
  • Every catch is awarded 10 points
  • Each stumping gets a wicket-keeper 25 points

Terms and conditions

Player performance bets have some terms and conditions for being settled. These include

In T20, ODI, or other limited over matches, if a match is ended early due to `external factors´ like poor weather conditions, each side must have faced at least 80% of their scheduled quota of overs, or else the bets are considered to be void. This rule does not apply if a winner has been declared. Similarly, for First-Class matches, at least 200 overs have to be bowled for bets to be settled, or a winner has to be declared. All other bets are considered void.

Both the featured players must appear in the match, either in the starting 11 or as a substitute during the match. However, the bets will be settled even if one or both of the players do not get a chance to bat or bowl.

In the event of a tied match, points scored during the Super Over are not considered during settlement.

What is player performance in Betway cricket? In a lot of respects, it is like the fantasy games that are considered legal in India.

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