Will Betting be Legal in India?


Betting or gambling, in general, is not something that is foreign to Indians. You can even say that it is an integral part of the culture. There are millions of households that get together and gamble at Teen Patti orย  Rummy or place small wagers on the outcome of cricket matches. Playing tambola for small sums of money is a regular ritual at country clubs or at kitty parties. Technically, though, all of this is illegal since gambling is not yet allowed as per the law. Will betting be legal in India? That is a question that many experts have asked and even implored the government to do so.

Will betting be legal in India?

India is taking small steps towards the legalization of betting in the country. Fantasy sports, rummy, horse racing, and anything considered to be a game of skill is considered to be legal already. The Supreme Court of India has asked the government to look into the possibility of legalizing sports betting as well.

The problem seems to be more political rather than anything else. Gambling and betting are often made out to be a big sin that will come down and crack the structure of society.ย  They are used to make cheap political points and that is something that is not going to go away very soon.

The argument for legalizing betting and gambling is going to economic. There are thousands of crores up for grabs in terms of tax revenue and increased tourism activity that the country cannot afford to ignore over the long run. Will betting be legal in India? It very well could but that is not going to happen overnight and this is why we would say we are quietly hopeful that it will happen, eventually. To put a timeline on it is difficult, though.


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